So you want to build a website and have no idea where to start? No worries, you can make it as simple or complex as you possibly want, but of course it will also depend on what you exactly want to do and how much learning you're willing to do.

Putting things simple

  • first you need to decide on your 'code'. Are you going to learn HTML and start typing right away, or are you looking for a plug and play solution that gives you a nice interface where you can just start typing, or something in between that gives you the ease of use, but still allows you to dive into the code and start tweaking...
  • then you need to decide on a public address  where you would like your site to be reached. Choose your domain wisely!
  • so you know what you want to do, time to look for a place to host your website. Take into account your location, your code requirements, your capacity requirements
  • once your site is ready, it's time to think about getting noticed and found on the world wide web: work on your search engine performance, or go for adwords or other campaigns to draw visitors to your website.
  • of course you want to know how many visitors you get, so you will need to set up some statistics on  your website
  • getting a lot of visitors? Then it might be interesting to start thinking about how you can earn some money. Choose your prefered affiliate program and go for it.

Let's start!

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